My Platform


I believe that the elected prosecutor should be the trial attorney for the county in all serious felony cases. The elected prosecutor should have extensive trial experience and should be in court on a regular basis to personally deal with defense counsel and to represent the office in the courts so that the judges have confidence in how the cases are being managed. I will lead by example, handling the most serious offenses, and consistently appear in court. 

I will also assist my deputies regularly, treat them professionally, and allow them to exercise their prosecutorial discretion in the cases assigned to them. I do not believe that the elected prosecutor needs to oversee the details of every case, because it slows the judicial process and does not efficiently utilize the resources of the office.

The elected prosecutor must also open lines of communication with law enforcement, judges, and courthouse staff in order to ensure that the system runs smoothly. Collaboration is essential to assist law enforcement in the investigation of criminal matters that we will file and prosecute. We will be forthright and upfront with the victims regarding their cases and any  pleas offered.


I believe that integrity should drive the actions of all elected officials. The elected prosecutor, specifically, must seek the truth in every case rather than just a favorable conviction record. I will demonstrate integrity daily as Prosecutor to ensure that every person receives justice from my office, no matter the circumstance and regardless of their race, income, political affiliation, or any other factor not based on evidence. 


The role of the prosecutor is to do justice. I will run my office to ensure that justice is administered blindly, collaborating with law enforcement to follow the evidence wherever and to whomever it leads. My office will not make any charging decisions not based on evidence. We will file and pursue charges in every case which the evidence demands, thereby giving every victim the respect they deserve.